1. Full Screen/Exit Full Screen: Expand the MAP on all the screens.
  2. Fit All: Zoom out/in the map until all your vehicles are shown ion the map.
  3. Show fleet: This button will show the rest of the vehicles on the map.
  4. Focus: This button will focus the view on the specific vehicle.
  5. Follow: This button will follow the entity on the map as it moves.
  6. Search: Allows you to search for places/addresses or geofences.
    1. Main Search Menu
      1. Show geofences. Show all the selected geofences.
      2. Geofence visibility. Select which geofences will be seeing.
      3. Exploration mode. Selecting this option allows you to click in any part of the map and see which geofence is there.
      4. Draw geofence. Allows you to create a geofence.
  7. Map Settings: Change the map.
    1. Grayscale. Shows the map in Grayscale.
    2. Polarized. Lower the brightness of the map.
    3. List of maps to select.
    4. Custom Maps are for adding a new map layer.
  8. Zoom in
  9. Zoom out
  10. Compass. Allows you to rotate the map, and by clicking on it will bring it back to true North.

Main Search Menu

Map Settings