• I just received an email, why am I not seeing an Alert inside the system?

    • An email is not necessarily a Gateway alert, the Alerts module only shows alerts that are gateway generated, they are associated to a level: informative, warning, or critical. Check the trigger for the alerts option to be enabled.

  • I am an admin, why can’t I see all the alerts?

    • By default the system only shows you alerts which you are assigned to, even if you are an administrator you only have access to the alerts that are directed towards you. You can view other users’ alerts by clicking on the Enable Admin mode button on the bottom left corner of the Alerts app.

    • Another option is to click on the alerts icon on the top right, open the settings, and click on the Enable Admin Mode button.

  • My trigger is firing a lot, what did I do wrong?
    • One of the most common mistakes when working with triggers is that the conditions used are matching multiple scenarios. For example, if you want to be notified when the ignition is turned ON inside a geofence, don’t select the “Ignition is ON” and combine this with the geofence, instead select the “Ignition is turned ON”, that way it only occurs once.
    • Know the difference between when to use a label and when to use the trigger parameter keys, for example, if you want to know when Input 3 is ON, don’t build the condition “Input 3 is ON”, because Input 3 may stay ON depending on the sensor/button / switch that’s connected to this input, instead select a Label: in3on that fires once when the condition is met on the device.

  • Why am I not getting a popup alert or sound?

    • First, make sure that your options are enabled for your user.

    • Next, make sure you allow popups for the browser:

      • Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Safari – Go to the Preferences under the Safari Menu -> Security and make sure that Block pop-up windows are not checked.
    • Double-check that the tab you have open is not muted, you can right-click on the tab and check if there’s an unmute option, if that option is not there then proceed.

  • When I receive the coordinates there’s a comma in the latitude & longitude?
    • To fix this you can use stringformat:”f” filter, for example: