Vehicle Counters

The vehicle counters section allows you to enter values for the odometer and hour meter of your vehicle, as well as create your own customized odometers for any purpose.

To get started go to the Vehicle Counters app, under the Vehicle Management section.

There just select a vehicle from the left hand side, and click on the Edit icon next to the “Vehicle counters” section.

Then select the Distance counter, and enter a value in miles or km, depending on your preferences.

Upon saving, this will keep the value in queue waiting to be synchronized with the vehicle once the vehicle is ONLINE again.

Shared Counters

In addition to the global vehicle counters, it is possible to add counters in the Shared user counters section that will increase in the same way but may have another value. To add a counter you can click on the + symbol on the bottom right of the page. A form will appear for you to select a counter and provide a description.

Shared counters can keep track of different distances or engine hours based on a particular event in time.

You can also create these using triggers -> consume resource, take a look at the API for an example.