Data receivers

Pegasus allows you to upload custom device data via an HTTP POST method. For example, position related information from other telemetry devices for analysis in the Pegasus API & visualization in the Pegasus Application.

Data can be uploaded and associated to an entity type vehicle or to an entity type: asset.

Receive for a vehicle

Read the following instructionss on how to get started uploading data to your Pegasus Gateway from third party platforms/devices - documentation for Gateway administrators / documentation for end user/developer


In order to start receiving data from third party devices via an HTTP POST, you'll need to:

  • Step 1: Activate the JSON receiver for your Pegasus Gateway
  • Step 2: Add the device IMEI that you'll be sending data from to the API
  • Step 3: Create a receiver token

For the first 2 steps you can contact your account representative.

Receive for an asset


POST /assets

creating an asset

  "first_name": "name of asset",
  "type": "tracking_device"

200 OK (id: 3315)

  "info": {},
  "__updated": 1553211859.1255651,
  "name": "name of asset ",
  "ibuttons": [],
  "__created": 1553211859.1255569,
  "fingerprints": [],
  "primary": null,
  "properties": {},
  "images": {},
  "token": null,
  "tracker": {
    "active": false,
    "asset_id": 3315,
    "token": null
  "groups": [],
  "device": null,
  "rfids": [],
  "type": "asset",
  "id": 3315,
  "counters": null

enabling the Taurus tracker code

PUT /assets/3315

  "tracker_mode": true

200 OK

  "tracker": {
    "asset_id": 3315,
    "site_id": 1,
    "site_url": "",
    "active": true,
    "token": "UTNZEHBL",
    "device": 450000141115142

setting the configuration to the device

POST /device-config/450000141115142

  "ky": "s000"

200 OK

  "kydef": {},
  "kymod": {},
  "total_count": 19,
  "_config_state": 1,
  "_epoch": 1553253405.348958,
  "ky": "s000",
  "devconfig_id": 9188,
  "pending": true

To get started we'll need to generate a token that we'll use to reference the asset that we want to populate data with on Pegasus Gateway.
In order to create this token you'll have to create a new asset via the POST /assets
here you can populate the asset with the included parameters such as first_name, last_name, email, type (type is required), etc.

After you create the asset you'll need to activate a token for it, to do this make a PUT /assets with tracker_mode: true.

This will generate a unique token for that particular asset that we can use to POST data to. Example token: UTNZEHBL

To prepare the asset to receive data we have to assign the device associated to this asset a configuration. This can be done with POST /device-config/:imei sending a key ky with the value s000

Upload data


note that the POST is always made to ''

using server time

  "latitude": 20.993852,
  "longitude": -89.710796,
  "mph": 10,
  "heading": 342,
  "altitude": 10,
  "label": "ignon",
  "use_server_time": true

200 OK

  "message": "event processed successfully"

using an epoch

  "latitude": 21.993852,
  "longitude": -90.710796,
  "mph": 99,
  "heading": 193,
  "altitude": 200,
  "label": "ignoff",
  "use_server_time": false,
  "epoch": 1553187370

In order to publish telemetry data to Pegasus server, send POST request to the following URL:

replacing :token with the token generated previously.

The only keys the upload API is accepting at the moment are:

latitudenumberWGS84 latitude
longitudenumberWGS84 longitude
mphnumberspeed in mph
headingnumberheading in degrees 0-359 0=north, 90=east, etc.
altitudenumberdevice altitude in meters
[label]stringevent label (if not specified a trckpnt is automatically assigned) see list of labels below
use_server_timebooleantrue to use a server timestamp for the incoming data

Common labels

prdtstPeriodic report with ignition OFF
trckpntPeriodic report with Ignition ON (default if no label is set)
ignonIgnition was turned ON
ignoffIgnition was turned OFF
panicreport when a panic button is pressed
pwrlossMain power was lost
pwrrstdMain power was restored
lwbattLow internal device battery
sttDevice motion
stpDevice stopped moving
in1onInput 1 ON
in1offInput 1 OFF
in2onInput 2 ON
in2offInput 2 OFF
in3onInput 3 ON
in3offInput 3 OFF

For a full list of the core labels please check out the core labels api: /core_labels

Please note that if the use_server_time is not set, the server-side timestamp will be assigned to uploaded data!

In case your device is able to get the client-side timestamp, you can use following format:


In the example above, we assume that “1532452713” is a unix timestamp with seconds precision. ‘1532452713’ corresponds to ‘Tuesday, July 24, 2018 5:18:33 PM GMT’