Labels are short strings that represent the action that took place on any device, they are meant to give meaning/significance to the messages a telemetry device sends. For example if the Ignition cable on the device was detected ON, the device will associate the label ignon to the event that was generated. If the device was going over the speed limit, it will use the label spd, and so on.

For Syrus devices, labels are assigned on the managed configuration of a device. The managed configuration has an ev_labels object which relates the code reported by a device (0-99) with a label.

There are two types of labels: core, and site labels.

  • Core labels cannot be deleted, they are for standard gateway configurations

  • Site labels are labels that gateway administrators can create, edit and delete.

Core labels can be accessed via /core_labels. The description of these labels can be updated from the /labels api, but core labels cannot be deleted.

Site labels along with core labels can be accessed via /labels.


  "ignon": {
    "edited_at": "2017-09-28T14:58:06.220521+00:00",
    "en": "Vehicle ON",
    "created_at": "2017-07-19T21:47:45.858997+00:00",
    "label": "ignon",
    "es": "Vehículo encendido"
  "spd": {
    "edited_at": "2017-10-05T01:51:17.662842+00:00",
    "en": "Speeding:Speeding",
    "created_at": "2017-07-21T13:56:49.184766+00:00",
    "label": "spd",
    "es": "Exceso de velocidad:Exceso de velocidad"


  "spdingeo": {
    "edited_at": "2017-08-07T02:40:36.570574+00:00",
    "en": "Speeding in Geofence:Speeding inside of geofence",
    "created_at": "2017-07-21T13:57:35.002875+00:00",
    "label": "spdingeo",
    "es": "Exceso en geocerca:Exceso de velocidad en geocerca"
  "ip3onspd10": {
    "edited_at": "2017-11-08T19:55:50.029681+00:00",
    "en": "Input 3 activated and speed between 0-10kph for 10s:Input 3 activated and speed between 0-10kph for 10s",
    "created_at": "2017-11-08T19:55:50.029775+00:00",
    "label": "ip3onspd10",
    "es": "IP3 activo y velocidad entre 0 y 10 kph durante 10 seg:IP3 activo y velocidad entre 0 y 10 kph durante 10 seg"

Example where the telemetry device reported an idling event

  "events": [
      "head": 263,
      "code": 0,
      "hdop": 0.79,
      "event_time": "2019-01-08T16:31:14",
      "type": 10,
      "vid": 1673,
      "lon": -80.29328,
      "sv": 10,
      "mph": 0,
      "label": "idl",
      "valid_position": true,
      "lat": 25.78386,
      "system_time": "2019-01-08T16:31:17.193250",
      "speed": 0,
      "id": 167320829742193,
      "device_id": 357042062897906

The following link shows a list of all the global labels that are supported in Pegasus Application: